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Exhibition catalog for "Book Arts in the USA"


66 p. ; col. ill. : 28 cm.
Manhattan Design
Center for Book Arts
New York City
Exhibition catalogs, Center for Book Arts (New York, N.Y.)
This is the catalog for a 1990 exhibition on Book Arts in the USA curated by Richard Minsky at the Center for Book Arts, New York, NY. On view April 7, 1990 - May 12, 1990. CBA has two copies.

From Introduction: “In this exhibit you will see how 51 contemporary Americans are changing the form and materials of the book to suit their personal vision. We call this work 'Book Arts'. In 'Book Arts' the container works with the content. The materials are tactile and often relate to the metaphor of the text. In some cases there is no written text. The book is then a purely visual, totemic or iconographic work, in which the image, structure and materials are the content...Included are full-color illustrations of the artists work, as well as a statement by each artist about the work (in French and English). "

Kathleen Amt, Barton Lidice Benes, Richard Bigus, John Eric Broaddus, Martha Carothers, Ed Colker, Betsy Davids, William Drendel, Mindell Dubansky, Harry Duncan, Timothy C. Ely, Dikko Faust, Ann Fessler, Gary Frost, Sharon Gilbert, Susan Kae Grant, Walter Hamady, Jack Hirschman, Raymond Holbert, Andrew Hoyem, Hedi Kyle, Edna Lazaron, Stephanie Brody Lederman, Nora Ligorano, Joni Mabe, Antonio Martorell, Barbara Mauriello, Kim Merker, Richard Minsky, Celia A. Muñoz, Teresa Pankrantz, Mary Jo Pauly, Jo Anna Poehlmann, Sonya Rapoport, Don Rash, Pam Rash, John L. Risseeuw, Marilyn R. Rosenberg, Leonard Seastone, Susan Joy Share, Clarissa T. Sligh, Esther K. Smith, Jan Sobota, Buzz Spector, Pamela Spitzmueller, Carol Sturm, Robert Tauber, Erica Van Horn, Claire Van Vliet, Stella Waitzkin, Debra Weier, Karen Wirth, Doug Wolf, Zena Zipporah.