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Strips: [each]; 5.7 x 40 cm;; Tags: [each]; 15.5 x 8.5 cm;; Booklet: [with essay]: 6 leaves; 12 x 8 cm;; Booklet: 4 leaves; 12 x 16.2 cm; Postcard: 10.5 x 15 cm
Collection of various printed materials, housed in a green, white, yellow and red plaid bag. Bag contains the following items: Four black and white offset, double side printed strips with photographs and text. Titles, "The Sadness of Potential Field"; "The Sadness of Potential Travelers"; "The Sadness of Potential Landscape". Ten printed cardboard "tickets"- each is double sided with multi colored printing, numbered, with the label "Library/ NOTHING REQUIRED/ AT THE OUTSET/ Product of/ SKART"; verso- each card includes the title "The Sadness of...[potential travelers;...potential hell;...potential consumers" et.al.] Each card also contains a short poem, translated into English by David Albahari et al. These may be conceptually connected to the four printed strips, which appear to document a public art event conducted by SKART. One small booklet with staple fold binding and printed wrappers. Contains a translated essay, "Supplications of an Ant", by Zivojin Kara-Pesic [translation by Alice Copple-Tosic]. One color offset printed post card. One black and white offset printed booklet with staple fold binding. Documents various activities of SKART.