• Dreams / Maryann Riker
Dreams / Maryann Riker Dreams / Maryann Riker

Dreams / Maryann Riker

Perfect bindings

5 leaves; Book: 13.3 x 11 cm; Folder: 15.1 x 21.5 cm
Maryann Riker
Small book with machine stitched binding and black thread; pages consist of four clear acetate leaves with blue and white vellum end paper. Each page has been printed (xeroxed) with a partial composition that appears more integrated when the clear pages layer over one another. The collective image (comprised of fragments of family snapshots, the outline of a house and the evocative phrase, "Dreams/ Forever Omnipotent / Always Elusive" deconstructs as the reader turns the pages of the book. The vellum end paper has a small composition of a home, a car and a cluster of stars, printed in black ink. The book is housed in a folded blue and white vellum and machine stitched folder with loose threads- this serves as the title page, "Dreams/ by Maryann J. Riker", printed with crescent moon and shooting star embellishment and also signed by the artist. CBA copy is accompanied by a handwritten note from the artist, addressed to "Brian", and presents a bullet point list of materials and processes comprise the piece.