• yes, but / Lee Marchalonis
yes, but / Lee Marchalonis yes, but / Lee Marchalonis

yes, but / Lee Marchalonis


23.5 cm.
Lee Marchalonis
Lee Marchalonis
Soft cover flax-colored binding. Artist's signature in black ink at bottom of colophon. Edition of 35, center's copy is # 25. Color images drawn, carved, and printed by Lee Marchalonis. Bound in a modified conservation papercase of lightweight UICB flax case paper. Handsewn with a longstitch. "Designed, printed and bound by Lee Marchalonis at the University of Iowa Center for the Book. Texts composed by Allison K. Greene, Amelia R. Bird, and Lee Marchalonis. Printed from linoleum and 10- and 12-point Palatino type. The innards are Rives heavy, the skin is UICB flax case paper"--Colophon "Made as a tribute to time spent at the University of Iowa, this book includes texts composed specifically for inclusion in this book by Alison K. Greene and Amelia Bird. The images in the book are linoleum cuts of perching birds (order: passeriformes) permanently on view at the Museum of Natural History at the University of Iowa"--Lee Marchalonis