Designing Typefaces / David Earls


160 p. : ill.
David Earls
RotoVision SA
"...Throughout this book, the designers have given their own unique perspectives on type design. ...The aim of this book is to bring together a wide variety of different designers from around the globe, and find out about their lives and work, in order to build up a picture of type design community and its processes. Each designer, due to their own particular pasts, interests, skills, personalities and even politics, brings to the book their own focus and areas of expertise. The end result is a comprehensive examination of the whole type design process."--from Introduction "...Designing Typefaces adds new depth and insight to the strange and mysterious art and science of type design. Extensive interviews with twelve international practitioners of enormously varying style and approach give the reader a penetrating understanding of the process of creating such a powerful form of communication... The book also deals with practical matters of typography, explaining the basic terms and dealing with issues such as computer-based type design, licensing, the difference between kerning and letter spacing and so on. A practical tutorial section gives step-by-step instructions on starting to design your own fonts."--book jacket Table of Contents: Designer Profiles. Jonathan Hoefler-- Jonathan Barnbrook-- Akira Kobayashi-- Zuzana Licko-- Jean-Francois Porchez-- Rian Hughes-- Carlos Segura-- Erik Spiekermann-- Jeremy Tankard-- Matthew Carter-- Erik can Blokland-- Type Tutorial.