Twentieth-Century Graphics / Jean Adhémar

Twentieth-Century Graphics / Jean Adhémar


256 p. : ill. (some col.)
Jean Adhémar
Praeger Publishers
Eveline Hart
Translated from the French by Eveline Hart.

Provides an introductory history of printmaking in the twentieth century. The development of this art form is illustrated in the present volume with over 170 reproductions, in color and black-and-white, of line engravings, etchings, woodcuts and lithographs by more than a hundred artists, including Gauguin, Munch, Picasso, Braque, Kirchner, Kandinsky, Kathe Kollwitz, Nolde, Miro, Jacques Villon, John Piper, Frank Martin, and many others. --front flap

Table of Contents: Part One: The Beginnings of Modern Printmaking -- The 1890 Generation -- The First World War -- Part Two: The Post-War Period -- From 1926 to the Slump -- The Slump, and the Declaration of War -- Part Three: From 1939 to the Present -- The New Print Making.

Includes bibliography and index.