• Fission / [SKART]
Fission / [SKART] Fission / [SKART] Fission / [SKART]

Fission / [SKART]


closed; 16 x 16 cm; open; 40.2 cm; signatures containing broadsides; 15 x 15 cm
B & Z, MIKROB/Microbe
Tri fold, muslin cloth portfolio; illustrated cover and woven tie closure. The interior has a printed, full bleed image of a partially destroyed building. "Mostar- a town named/ after the old (star) bridge (most)/ (1566 by the architect Hajrudin);/ destroyed in a war, this war;/ reshaped into/ LUR- Flying Classroom-Workshop/ 4th LUR Mostar, 1996)"--Text on interior right flap. Below this text is the SKART logo and production information, which states that this piece was produced at Pavilion Veljkovic. Additional text in Serbian on exterior rear cover. Portfolio contains of five folios that each contain one or two broadsides each (some are duplicates) with text in both English and Serbian. "Mostar: A Town of Destroyed Bridges" (2 copies); "Color" (2 copies); "This (Stupid)" (2 copies).