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Exhibition catalog for "A Tale of Two Cities"


59 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm
Sarah Bodman
Sarah Bodman
Impact Press
Center for Book Arts
Catalog for "A Tale of Two Cities" an exhibition featuring two books each by ten artists from New York and ten artists from Bristol, England, on view at the Center for Book Arts September 14, 2001 - October 28, 2001.Organized by Pam Rash, Maddy Rosenberg, Miriam Schaer. Includes an introduction by Sarah Bodman. CBA has two copies.

"This exhibition was the result of a visit to the Centre for Fine Print Research by Maddy Rosenberg, a New York artist. We decided that as we were both involved in the book arts, that we would arrange a joint exhibition to be held in Bristol. [...] The project has provided an exciting opportunity to exhibit a selection of artists' books which work well together, on both sides of the Atlantic. There may be a huge difference in geography, but the works included in this exhibition connect, the speak the same language and have evolved from the same interest: that of presenting ideas in the format that we all understand and appreciate as the artists' book." -- Description taken from the exhibition catalog's introduction by Sarah Bodman, page 2.

Artists featured: Andrew Atkinson, Cynthia Back, Guy Begbie, Douglas Beube, Sarah Bodman, Andrew Eason, Dikko Faust, Dikko Faust & Esther K. Smith, Stephen Hoskins, Eilis Kirby, Paul Laider, Stephanie Brody Lederman, Soraya Marcano, Annabel Other, Carinna Parraman, Lise Poirier, Maddy Rosenberg, Susan Rostow, Miriam Schaer, Robbin Ami Silverberg, Esther K. Smith, Helen Smith, Tim Staples, Mary Ting.