Book Arts : Volume II / [Patricia Nedds and Alexandra Soteriou]


29 x 44.5 cm (meant to be folded into [4] p., 29 x 22.25 cm); 11.5" x 17.5" (meant to be folded into [4] p., 11.5" x 8.875")
Ian Hugo
Center for Book Arts
A letterpress and offset printed sheet, printed in black. This sheet is the outer wrapper of vol. 2, no. 1 of "Book Arts", the quarterly journal published by the Center for Book Arts between 1975 and 1982; at which point the title changed to "Book Arts Review." This issue of "Book Arts" was designed by Patricia Needs & Alexandra Soteriou. Cf. first page in the journal. Page [1] of the sheet is letterpress printed, with the title and volume designation, and illustrated with an abstract depiction of a woman, the description of which is on page [2]: "Woodengraving by Ian Hugo designed for the cover of This Hunger, by Anais Nin. Printed from the original block." Pages [3] and [4] of the sheet have advertisements printed in offset, with the illustrations printed in halftone. CBA has two copies, this is copy 1.