How to Transition On Sixty Three Cents a Day / Leopoldo Bloom

How to Transition On Sixty Three Cents a Day / Leopoldo Bloom

Boxed sets

Metal film can: 12 in; various dimensions
Lee Krist
Leopoldo Bloom
31 letterpress printed souvenir postcards and 7 pieces of ephemera housed in a metal film can.

From the artist, "This unbound book is a memoir with a non-linear narrative that unfolds through thirty postcards from the author to his mother. This epistolary tells the tale of the author moving from New York City to Portland, Oregon, and physically transitioning from female to male."

Artist Statement How to Transition on Sixty-Three Cents a Day is a self-published memoir that details the author’s cross-country migration to access transgender health care. Set in the early 2000’s, Leopoldo Bloom uses 31 unbound postcards to weave a non-linear travelogue of his transition. A limited-edition artist book of 163 copies, How to … was printed using hand set type and a letterpress platen press. How to … is a rare primary source document that captures the interior psychological experience of transitioning, it is in several collections such as Jaffe Collection at FAU, Duke, U.C. Santa Barbara, U.C. Berkeley, and University of Miami.

This work is on loan to the artist starting Feb 9, 2023.