The Mona Lisa Without a Mustache: Art in the Media Age / Aimee Lusty

Pamphlet bindings

8.5 x 11 in
Aimee Lusty
Girls and Beuys Club
Stapled pamphlet bindings. 8 pages. Color illustrations. The work is a visual interpretation or translation of Harold Rosenberg's 1976 essay by the same name and created from searching Goole image for each individual word. Signed by the artist. "A visual interpretation/translation of Harold Rosenberg's 1976 essay 'the Mona Lisa Without a Mustache, Art in the Media Age,' compiled form goole image searching each individual work. This essay follows the descent of fine art into popular culture and its consequent transformation/deformation, as a direct result of the ease of mechanical reproduction. This work intends to 'illustrate; Rosenberg's thoughts on mass production and popular culture by using a contemporary version of the process he is describing."--colophon