A handwriting manual / Alfred Fairbank

A handwriting manual / Alfred Fairbank


144 pp ; ill. ; 23 cm
Alfred Fairbank
From the dust jacket:

This new revised and enlarged edition of A Handwriting Manual -- for years a classic introduction to the art of penmanship -- contains a series of new plates which show demonstration scripts written by a number of highly accomplished writers in the United States, Canada, and England. These additions add a remarkable and valuable feature to this edition, and give evidence of the international usefulness of italic handwriting, as well as of its grace and variety of expression.

A Handwriting Manual covers everything the readers need to know to practice or teach good penmanship. The text, clearly illustrated with numerous examples and diagrams, begins with the development and characteristics of italic; and the essentials of good penmanship such as legibility, beauty, unity, speed, expedience, freedom, and control. It goes on to discuss the basic tools of penmanship and how to use them: pens and penholders, pencils, felt-tipped pens, chalks, paper and ink; as well as hand movements, pressure, and touch. Further chapters cover technique; strokes, joins, rhythms, angularity slant, and spacing, as well as how to write capitals, minuscules, numerals, stops, and contractions.

This edition of A Handwriting Manual will be especially useful to students and teachers, as well as the reader with an interest in lettering, writing, or graphics.