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Exhibition catalog for “Coptic and Collage: Ancient Technique, Modern Application”


Zahra Partovi
Center for Book Arts
Catalog for “Coptic and Collage: Ancient Technique, Modern Application,” a survey of contemporary implementations of one of the first binding structures, coptic binding. Organized by Zahra Partovi and on view at the Center for Book Arts April 12 - June 14, 1997. CBA has two copies.

Featured artists: Shana Agid, Judith Brindley, Jin Kyoung Chang, Gérard Charrière, Katherine D. Crone, Elsi Vassdal Ellis, Cecilia Frost, Gary Frost, Lisa Goldenberg, Joan Iversen Goswell, Susannah Hays, Midori Kunikata-Cockram, Ted Kurahara, Mary Ellen Long, Mary Ellen Matthews, Denise Mullen, Maria G. Pisano, Kristin Sherwood, Keith Smith, Reginald Walker, Susan Weil.