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Exhibition catalog for "Production, Not Reproduction: Offset Printed Artist Books"


Tony White
Center for Book Arts
Catalog for "Production, Not Reproduction: Offset Printed Artist Books," an exhibition on view at the Center for Book Arts September 28, 2007 - December 8, 2007. The exhibition was curated by Tony White. CBA has two copies.

"Production, Not Reproduction" is an exhibition that will draw attention to the influence of offset printing on the genre of artists' books. The complex printing process of offset lithography was developed in the late 19th century, but only refined as a viable print production process after World War II. This exhibition will chart the rise (mid-1950s) and fall (late 1990s) of offset printed artists' books. This exhibition will include examples of offset printed artists' books from conceptual artists such as Dieter Roth and Ed Ruscha; feminist artworks; works from not-for-profit presses including Visual Studies Workshop and Nexus Press; and works from the 1980s that many consider to be the pinnacle of offset artists' books production.

Featured artists: Sally Alatalo, Laurel Beckman, Michael Becotte, Michael Becotte & Others, Seana Biondilillo, Judith Blumberg, Bill Burke, Bruce Childs, Miles DeCoster, Miles DeCoster & Rebecca Michaels, Tom Denlinger, Toni Dove, Eugene Feldman, Brad Freeman, Chris George, Conrad Gleber, Michael Goodman, Susan King, Suzanne Lacy, Joan Lyons, Joni Mabe & Jo Anne Paschall, Cindy Marsh, Scott L. McCarney, Clifton Meador, Rebecca Michaels, Shinro Ohtake, Kevin Osborn, Philip Perkis, Kevin Riorden, Deborah Roth, Gail Rubini, Ed Ruscha, Joseph Ruther, Carl Sesto, Patty Smith, Jim Snitzer, Buzz Spector, Lori Spencer, Ann Tyler, Todd Walker, Andy Warhol, Rachel Youdelman, Philip Zimmerman.