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Writing & Illuminating & Lettering / Edward Johnston


Edward Johnston
"The book is planned as a guide to models and methods for letter-craftsmen and students, especially those who cannot see the actual processes carried out and who may not have access to collections of MSS. Edward Johnston traces the development of Writing, giving us insight into the construction of letters, and offers valuable advice on the acquisition of a formal or 'book' hand. His detailed explanation of the theory and development of illustration shows how the practice of this art is one of the most simple and complete ways of acquiring a knowledge of the elements of design and decoration. The world of Lettering is also fully explored together with the Roman alphabet and its derivatives." - publisher's description

Contains detailed illustrations of lettering construction, initial letters and illuminations, stone inscriptions, alphabets, and colored capitals. Includes biographical note on author, author's preface, agenda & corrigenda, index, and appendices on special subjects, inscription on stone, and a copy of a letter from Edward Johnston to Colonel Crosland.