Image of the first page of the catalogue
Image of the first page of the catalogue

Catalogue 200: Science, Medicine, Natural History, Bibliography, & Much More / Jonathan A. Hill, Bookseller, Inc.


Jonathan A. Hill
PDF version of a catalogue of books and manuscripts related to science, medicine, natural history, bibliography, and other subjects from Jonathan A. Hill, Bookseller, Inc. Includes description and pricing of each item. Includes a selective subject index.

I. Books which changed our thinking: Items 1-13
II. Important Science Books: Items 14-68
III. Medicine: Items 69-81
IV. Early & Modern Manuscripts: Items 82-87
V. Bibliography: Items 88-172
VI. Manuscript Library Catalogues: Items 173-81
VII. 16th- and 17th-century books bound in pigskin over wooden boards: Items 182-92
VIII. Music: Items: 193-200
IX. Sample Books of Dyed Fabrics & Threads and other materials: Items 201-10
X. Japanese Medical and Scientific Books: Items 211-12
XI. Unusual and Out-of-Scope Books: Items 213-63