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NOW & THEN: Collective Illustration in Lockdown / Maamoul Press


Fouad Mezher
Maamoul Press
PDF featuring 36 full color illustrations created during the Digital Illustration course offered by the Graphic Design program at the American University of Beirut in 2020.

Includes illustration by Alaa Fleifel, Dalida Raad, Ghalia Khalili, Hadi Ezzeddine, Luna Akil, Nour Zahabi, Saheer Ghazzaoui, Sarah Najem, Yasmina Taher, Amal Ghamloosh, Farah Baz, Giorgia Labaki, Karel Adaimi, Michelle Hamed, Rim Armouch, Sarah Khattab, Talia Tutunjian, Youmna Fathallah Moufti. Course instructor: Fouad Mezher.

"When COVID-19 forced the learning to move online, the class tried to process their newfound isolated lifestyle by working on a collective endeavor for their final project, following a brief of creating two illustrations — what the world looks like with social distancing in the year 2020, and what it could look like in 2120.

Whether depicting a better or worse future, the goal is to inspire anyone reading the book to start thinking about imaginative solutions for potential pandemics in the future. These could be responses to another outbreak or different ways of organizing our society so that we might avoid one altogether." -- description from Maamoul Press website