• 082620 / Leslie Diuguid
082620 / Leslie Diuguid 082620 / Leslie Diuguid 082620 / Leslie Diuguid

082620 / Leslie Diuguid


Folded: 5 x 8 in; Unfolded: 20 x 16 in
Leslie Diuguid
One-page screenprint zine with text on one side and a poster on the other. Printed on 60# Sage Parchtone French and housed in a bristol board folder. Collaborative project with Sigrid Lauren at the invitation of Rita Minissi. The zine text was created in collaboration with Rita Minissi, Luther Davis, and Krysta Eder and the poster, 'self and other', is from 2015 and is by Rita Minissi in collaboration with Sigrid Lauren and Leslie Diuguid.

"Power always comes with an agenda. Vast and varied throughout history, the constant is that power, and therefore, the authority, has always labeled the 'other' as a threat.

"Technological advances over the centuries and across continents have increased productivity and fluidity of information. With new structures and new powers of growing economies, comes new and varied disparities. Technology does not solve social problems. Creativity is a construction: the assembly of something new out of known parts. Along with fantasy, we are able to imagine beyond present and fact to new images and concepts and potentials - creating something new beyond the known.

"A construction unites images and representation, symbol and history, icon and narrative in a conception that moves its audience to complete and extend the construction; it is this sense that construction adds to its perceiver's life it makes it possible for individuals and perhaps therefore society, though more slowly--to grow. To acknowledge that our constructions are not mysterious emanations with lives of their own, but rather 'willed human work,' is to acknowledge the communities of contestation and constraint within which we work together, and which we construct will progress." -- from Du-Good Press