• SPECTRA POETS / edited by Erika Avey
SPECTRA POETS / edited by Erika Avey SPECTRA POETS / edited by Erika Avey

SPECTRA POETS / edited by Erika Avey


229 pages ; 24 cm
Erica Avey
poetry, spectrum
Softcover, with Swiss binding and lay-flat cover. Printed in purple ink.

"SPECTRA POETS is a print publication and online collective of perspectives stretching language into and beyond a catalog of edges."

"SPECTRA began as an idea mid-pandemic when I heard about a community of people called Spellers. They cannot speak. Most of them have autism and use written word to express what they cannot say. This was the beginning. I wanted to create a magazine for them to be read alongside other poets, both prominent and unknown, without publishing anything solely based on their identity and ability. We each/all land somewhere along a variety of cultural and psychological spectra, but we share even more. I want to focus on that -- what comes across. The point is the poetry. SPECTRA publishes poetry that connects, poetry that can be felt, poetry that unveils truths about earthly existence, and poetry as art."--introduction

Yulia Aleynikova, Marcia Arrieta, Sean Cho Ayres, Roy Bentley, Alex Bernstein, Michael Borth, Lawrence Bridges, Michelle Brooks, Joseph Cross, Josh Crummer, Alan Elyshevitz, Jason Emde, Kari Flickinger, Melinda Freudenberger, Ian Gwin, Clay Hunt, C. James, Jiv Johnson, Babith Marina Justin, Ken Kakareka, Lily Rose Kosmicki, Aaron Lelito, D.C. Leonhardt, Tao Lin, John Lysaght, Roland Meyer, Michael McCullough, Charlene Moskal, Cassandra Moss, Vi Khi Nao, Don Narkevic, Uche Nduka, Jo O'Lone-Hahn, Andre Peltier, Sylvia Pollack, MK Punky, Chris Rubio-Goldsmith, Sanjeev Sethi, Joe Sonnenblick, Katarzyna Stefanicka, Andrew Sunshine, Sarah Wallis, Brent White, Eva Zimet