19 in 2021 Part 2 /  Nat Pyper

19 in 2021 Part 2 / Nat Pyper


72 pages : some illustrations ; 19 cm
Nat Pyper
Martian Press
Christopher Kardambikis' Paper Cuts Zine Collection
Softcover. Staple bound (saddle stitched). Risograph printed. Includes 20.5 cm x 7.5 cm bookmark color printed with a timeline.

"19 in 2021
Part 2

a sci-fi serial by Nat Pyper
18/365 entries

Published by Martian Press
First Edition of 300 copies, 2019" -- colophon

"19 in 2021 Part 2 is the next installment of Nat Pyper’s ongoing sci fi serial focusing on four queer, Latinx friends traversing a near-future reality that imagines an eerily possible vision of surveillance-based late capitalism. Bending dimensions, gender, relationships, and identity, part 2 continues with 9 more entries (out of an eventual 365) that are illuminated with love, camaraderie, loss, grief, and indignation." -- Martian Press