The Morse Dry Dock Dial / Sarah Nicholls

The Morse Dry Dock Dial / Sarah Nicholls


6 1/2 x 5 in.
Sarah Nicholls
New York City

From the Brainwashing from Phone Towers Informational Series.

"The Morse Dry Dock Dial is the Spring 2020 Informational Pamphlet, taking its name from the magazine published by the Morse Dry Dock Company, my great-grandfather’s employer in the early years of the twentieth century. The original publication reported on the lives and activities of their community of workers, many of which lived in the neighborhood, what was then called Bay Ridge and is now named Sunset Park, Brooklyn. This pamphlet talks about my family’s history in the neighborhood, the changes in the neighborhood since then, the industrial past, the post-industrial present, how nature has adapted the waterfront left behind by industry, how nature will change the waterfront in the coming decades, and what we might do in response, among many other things.

Edition of 250, letterpress and linocut on paper."

(From the artist's website, accessed 02/20/2024.)