Anatomy of Bookbinding / Luigi Castiglioni

Anatomy of Bookbinding / Luigi Castiglioni


59 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm
Luigi Castiglioni
Edition 11 of 100. 

English-language text in which bookbinder Luigi Castiglioni walks the reader through rebinding a 1541 copy of Anatomia Mundini by Mondino dei Liucci.

"I chose to manifest a vision of fine binding as architecture of the interiority. The basic structure of the "French" binding, sewn on five cords, covered in full leather, with leather doublures and suede flyleaves (protected by a chemise and slipcase) is the tangible form of a skillfully orchestrated language of craft where each element, unique and functional, is an integral part of the fine binding as a whole. Its cover design, which stems from the anatomical plates, offers a visual and haptical experience of the secret intimacy around the difficult subject of human dissection."--Introduction 

"It’s not a technical manual, but a guide to show what is hidden behind the difficult work of the bookbinder."--Instagram post by the author